Web Sites

The Internet is the best resource for general information about public art issues, programs and projects. In fact, there is more information here than can be easily digested, and new pages are added daily. A recent search on several search engines for “public art” produced thousands of possibilities.

You might want to check out Google and Dogpile first, since they are linked to smaller search engines. American sites that are particularly interesting include the following:

The Texas site give links to public art programs in Texas cities; the Los Angeles site gives a good overview of the entire community; the Seattle site gives detailed information on programs, projects, and artists’ resources; and the King County site has many valuable resources, including publications on using artists as resources for architectural details.

Explore British sites for another perspective on public art topics. Note that sites exist for programs, artists, installations, specific projects, and general topics. Check out Louisiana public art sites through the Division of the Arts page (www.crt.state.la.us/arts), with links to public art programs in Bossier City, Lafayette, Monroe, New Orleans and Shreveport.