Videos and CD-ROMs

The New Orleans Percent For Art Program has completed two videos on public art: Watch this Space: Public Art in New Orleans (27 minutes; 1990) and Public Art: Making the Equation Work (14 minutes, 2000). Both are available for loan or purchase from the Arts Council of New Orleans; (504) 523-1465. The first video is useful to show as an introduction to public art; it raises issues and provides general perspective on public art components and processes. The second video is about one project entitled Current Watermarks and includes observations and impressions from the many different people involved.

Shreveport Regional Arts Council has produced a CD-ROM entitled Public Art in Northwest Louisiana, which reflects the regionís unique cultural and historic heritage through the vision of the artists working within its neighborhoods, cities, towns and villages. For availability contact Shreveport Regional Arts Council; (318) 673-6500.