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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Miklos Halmos class of '09
City: Kenner, LA
Comments: I totally agree with a compromise which is one of my core beliefs in human relationships. Holy Cross can always keep the idea and memory of SFC alive through various means. I don't believe that this is about the actual building itself but instead about the image the neighborhood and city has of itself. Our beloved buildings are getting torn down; the only things that are still the same, our places for community and friendship are disappearing and SFC is one of these. (memories)
I am not sure at all about this, but you have to realize that Holy Cross is building a large chapel/auditorium? at the new school. At our old site our beloved Huddle was used for community meetings for the Historic Holy Cross District. I see no problem with the parishioners holding services at the new site and using it as a community center. The people there are not forgotten and after all of this upheaval in emotions I personally would be ashamed if Holy Cross didn't make absolutely every consideration for the neighborhood. Give us a chance to be good neighbors. It is unfortunate that so many passions have surfaced.
I believe change is always necessary and this is an instance of the times changing. I am all for the dismantling of the church.

Please consider the effects of Holy Cross moving there and also of not moving there: all of them! I've spelled them all out! Add any you believe in...
Pro: student traffic will boost local business
Pro: real estate values may go up
Pro: local boys have a nearby school to go to
Pro: a brand new school in all of N.O. with great people heading it.
Pro: end of pain and uncertainty for families suffering since Katrina
Pro: potential safety for school and end of isolation in lower 9th.
Pro: continuing tradition (goes way above mere buildings)
Pro: new look in neighborhood with positive community involvement
Pro: all kinds of solutions for all of the Holy Cross alumni and survivors and rebuilders even before storm
Pro: attraction of old and new residents to area
Pro: sense of unity and return to normalcy with community's support

Con: increased student traffic in area
Con: construction disturbances
Con: loss of church building
Con: physical memories lost of schools and church
Con: immense heartbreak for all of school and supporters across city
Con: uncertainty of school's existence
Con: further damage to HC because of problems associated with going to school in a trailer
Con: eyesore buildings left in Gentilly with no future
Con: painful reminders

The widespread implications also have to be considered. Destroying this chance for Holy Cross would mean setting back education in the city and making the future a little more grime and hard. We should look past just the traditional views of HC and just the actual church building itself. Two pieces of brick, both with no future. One can hold possibilities and hope for so many families and the other has no concrete future.

I will repeat that HC made the decision to move for a reason, before the hurricane. If the Cabrini site will not go through, we will NOT go there. period. The church can no way be fit into the design. Check for yourself, the church would sit in the middle of the area immediately in front of buildings and occupy a large track of land.

Set aside differences and help the greater good. No side means to attack the others feelings or beliefs, just merely trying to survive. Holy Cross has a purpose and this may be its only chance to help the city in the greatest way. Again; put money, politics, raw emotions, prejudices, and finger pointing aside and look at both sides to this decision for good or for bad. Realize the impacts on individual people, Gentilly, the school, and the city and the school's figurative role in teaching the world. Ask yourself, is it worth it? I deeply believe so.