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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Robert L. Judge Class of 1981
City: Lafayette, LA
5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, LA
Comments: In the Mid 1800's, over One Hundred and fifty years ago, a few priests and brothers arrived in New Orleans to establish an educational institution. Instead, there was a more immediate need for the City of New Orleans. There was a yellow fever epidemic. The famous grave yards are full of victims of this terrible epidemic's raveges. It was the Holy Cross Brothers and Priests that established St. Mary's orpahanage. They cared and educated the orphans of a great natural calamity. As that was the begining of the Holy Cross Experience in New Orleans, it has remained that ever since then, Holy Cross has been an integral part of the Sprit of New Orleans. Now Holy Cross, an institution that has been around for over 130 years is at a point when she has been thrust into another great calamity. In this instance she needs assistance. So I ask the powers that be, do we save a 43 year old building, or a 130 year old institution that has served the children and families of the entire city? The church building is not the church, we the faithful are the church. The relics have been removed, the parish is non-functioning, and the Archdiocese has long ago decided that that parish will no longer exist. Do we thwart the continuation of a 130 year old educational institution for the sake of a 43 year old building? If I recall, the rivergate, an uncontrivertable unique architectural building, was quickly demolished for a Casino! While I appreciate the uniqueness of the building at 5500 Paris Ave., in your heart of hearts, does it really equate with the entirety and continuation of the Holy Cross School? How much more does Holy Cross merit this location than a casino did the rivergate's location?