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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Name redacted at the request of the author
City: New Orleans, LA
Cabrini, 5500 Paris Ave
Comments: Don't be shy, say what you think, I think Cabrini should be pulled from the clutches of greedy ignorant people. Sheesh! No wonder people fly in, get a few good drinks, some great food and fly out. Who would want to live with such dumb b***s. The children of New Orleans all deserve better and they shouldn't have to pay tuition to get it. To the Holy Cross alums and parents... shame on you. It's about the children you say, admit it, its about your children. You don't care about all the other children with no place to go. Talk about elitism. The last thing New Orleans needs is more spoiled white boys.

Does FEMA have any regs about benefiting white boys to the exclusion of all others? If it doesn't it should.

Do not let these elitist snobs tear down this church!