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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Paula Victor
City: New Orleans, LA
Saint Frances Cabrini, 5500 Paris Ave
Comments: FEMA, I can't for the life of me understand why people would put their "lives on hold" for this amount of time waiting to see whether or not something like HC is going to come to fruition. If you love your neighborhood and you have faith in that neighborhood you rebuild, period. You don't sit on your butt and wait.

I've been there, I've been through Betsy, and Camille and I've been flooded both times. You cry till you have the dry heaves and then you start salvaging, cleaning and rebuilding. You are devasted by the loss of family albums and heirlooms and grateful to be alive. You go to bed so exhausted and depressed that you don't think you can make it one more day. You just put one foot in front of the other, day after day. Has this society become so dependent on government handouts that they can't pull themselves up by their own bootstraps? They are disillusioned by the government and we are disillusioned with them.

Galveston came back and they were scraped off the map. New Orleans can come back too; but no one wants to help people that aren't willing to help themselves.

Cabrini shouldn't be torn down because people are so myopic they don't realize the message they are sending out to the rest of the country. People rally to rebuild, people have no sympathy with tearing down.