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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Public Comment"
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Name: Catherine Daigle
City: New Orleans, LA
St. Francis Cabrini Church
Comments: Francis Cabrini Church has been in need of repair for years and is not even old enough to be considered historical site. Holy Cross High School would bring this area back to life and give New Orleans a fighting chance at recovery that is so desperately needed. What can people who want to stop Holy Cross School be thinking about. A lot of people involved in this dispute aren't even from New Orleans and know little about what they are saying they just jump into the fray when they hear bits and pieces of the situation

I am strongly in favor of Holy Cross High School being built and St. Francis Cabrini being taking down. There is no justification for the money it would cost to restore this church -- not to mention the economic loss that will result if Holy Cross High School is denied the opportunity to build on this central location.