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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Public Comment"
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Name: Ha Hoang
City: New Orleans, LA 70122
Chatham Drive
Comments: I'm very angry and saddened by the opposition to remove Cabrini Church to build Holy Cross school. This is the best opportunity for the revatilization of the whole Gentilly neighborhood. However ,the self ordained preservationists prevent all of us to have the good chance to rebuild our area. I feel like these people drove the last nail in the coffin to bury our hopes and dreams. fo the future ..

I found out that the majority of the preservationists do not have properties in the Gentilly area therefore their decision to keep the dilapidated Cabrini church and forego great plans for Holy Cross school will not affect them at all. I would have respected them and their view had they have the courage to puchase some damaged houses or vacant lots in the Gentilly area to prove that they are in the same predicament like us but they still maintain their ideal stance despite their investments would be negatively impacted by this decision. I love the old Cabrini Church , but now without parishioners, this is only a ruined building. The good analogy would be the great love and respect that I have held in my heart for my mother. When she passed away I wanted a wake that lsted for days so that I would have enough time to say good bye. Then it was finally time for the appropriate burial. I love my mother dearly but I had to let go, I could not keep her body in the funeral home forever. .. I think that the time has come for all of us to let go of the old Cabrina Church... and to face the unavoidable. The old church will be gone but the beautiful memories will linger for generations of parishioners.