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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Notice of Proposed Expansion of New Orleans Historic Districts"
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Name: John Koeferl
City: New Orleans, LA
Comments: The boundaries both existing and proposed for the Holy Cross (and Bywater) National Historic Districts seem disjointed and unwieldy for practical application of the benefits of this designation. It would seem more appropriate for overall goal to make boundaries that are uniform even though some blocks that may not qualify technically might be included, so that the protection may be effectively given to those that are, which is perceived as a whole district.

It does no one any good to have impractical and obscure boundaries. This does not further the intent of the legislation which is to protect the designation neighborhood and properties. Nobody can remember these boundaries.

My suggestion is to make a clear line of which can be commonly known along the top of the district at its highest point.

Further, extension of the boundary across St Claude to include the first pumping station and older areas above St Claude, near the Industrial Canal. Much of this older housing stock could merit protection afforded under this process.

Hurricane Betsy (1965) destroyed some entire blocks of our area. But strict contiguity should not limit consideration of the larger potential Holy Cross District, and should not be the sole determinant of its boundaries. The boundaries need to include all sections of qualifying structures and do so in a way that makes clear and readily comprehensible boundaries. The proposed boundaries are too jagged and obscure for practical use and do not include all necessary historic structures, and this should be remedied at this time. We should use this opportunity to improve this situation under the intent of the law.

Maps of other districts under consideration seem clear, inclusive, and concise. It is time for ours to be too.