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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Melissa Eugene
City: New Orleans
5500 Paris Ave. Future Site of Holy Cross
Comments: Poor acoustics, ugly prison-like brick and bad seating configuration made this building a problem for church service prior to Katrina. The Cabrini building (it's no longer a church) cannot serve the parishioners of our parish because we no longer accept it as our place of worship. It is not conducive to the community's needs and should be demolished. The preservations should focus their activities on more deserving buildings. There are so many historic properties that they could help restore, yet they have done nothing. We, the community of Gentilly deserve to have Holy Cross, we want Holy Cross, and we approve of the future designs of Holy Cross. We are ready to put an end to this discussion and move forward with demolition of 5500 Paris Avenue.