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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Gary Porter, M.Ed.
City: New Orleans, LA/Charlottesville, VA
St. Frances Cabrini Campus & Church, 1500 Prentiss St. and Paris Ave.
Comments: New Orleans will never recover without its schools. They are a BASIC need. No education, no recovery.

I have lived on Oak Park on Gardena Dr. for 35 years. Our post-Katrina neighborhood is devoid of schools and the opportunity for Holy Cross School to move in is key to the redevelopment of the neighborhood and its families. The Cabrini Church building does not qualify, in my mind, as more than a wonderful piece of modern architecture, with built in maintenance problems. Even members of Cabrini parish are glad to be rid of it. The building has been a "money hole" from the beginning - a burden that Holy Cross School cannot afford to maintain and still keep tuition at an affordable level. The addition of Holy Cross to the neighborhood is vital and they need to begin rebuilding now. Since the property belongs to the Archdiocese, it appears to me that FEMA has no legal authority to interfere with the demolition of this building - wonderful and leaky as it is. Please add my vote to allow Holy Cross to demolish the building and go forward with rebuilding a school that provides quality education to its students so families can return to New Orleans.

(Ms.) Gary Porter, M.Ed.