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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - (Not Collapsed Buildings Address List)"
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Name: Kevin Thomas
City: New Orleans, Louisiana
Comments: This note is to inform you that I received a notice from the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans stating that the property at 1233 & 1235 Columbus Street is up for demolition, however, the address you have is incorrect. My address is 1235 & 1237 which was once a duplex but is now a single with the address 1237 which is not abandoned and is currently being repaired for a rental. The correct house you are looking into for demolition is 1231 & 1233 of which I am not the owner (the address is not visible on the house). The addresses 1231 & 1233 (which are the abandoned propertyies) are next door to my property 1235 & 1237 (which are not abondoned properties). The house you are to demolition is the one with all of the vines growing on it and it doesn't have any doors or windows at the front of the house - the obvious house for demolition and I am glad that this house is finally scheduled for demolition it a sorry sight for the eyes. NOTE: I've had this 1235 & 1237 properties for over eight years and my neighbors and I have requested that something be done about the eyesore at 1231 & 1233 but to no avail. Is it finally going to happen - we hope so.