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Comment on "Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - (Not Collapsed Buildings Address List)"
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Name: Monica & Kevin Bennett
City: Scarsdale , N.Y.
Comments: We are desperatley trying to save this house in mid-city!!! This is a traditional creole cottage, but at somepoint someone built a camelback onto the house. We bought this house in an effort restore the creole cottage and take down the camelback. Katrina took down the camelback for us. But now the city has red tagged and wants it demolished. The entire house should not be demolished just the back portion. We were working with one of the local restoration agencies ( New Orleans Housing Services). to restore the house before the storm hit. Nine days before the storm we came to New Olreans and did a walk through with contractors that were bidding on the job. The bids were due the day Katrina hit. Since then we have been though a wall of red tape trying to get the house off the list and trying to obtain permits to demolish the back portion and save the creole cottage portion of the house for restoration. We are ready to move foward. We have architectual plans, a certifided engineers report all of our orignal documentation and reports from the National Trust and the Preservation Resource Center in New Orlenas to show that we are serious and ready to move foward with the restoration. The problem has been getting through to persons in the city to get the proper permits. Can someone from FEMA help us. Our biggest problem is that we are living outside the state. Our house sits next to a perfect example of a creole cottage that was restored. I am also sending this information through the mail to the Fema Historic Perservation office in Harahan. Some please contact us if you have help us save our house. Monica Bennett