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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings in Orleans Parish, Louisiana - Not Collapsed Buildings Address List - for Comment"
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Name: Preservation Resource Center and National Trust
City: New Orleans, LA
88 properties in National Register or elgibile National Register districts
Comments: The Preservation Resource Center and National Trust for Historic Preservation submit the following comments regarding 88 properties in National Register Historic Districts or areas of historical significance near National Register districts that owners voluntarily requested to have demolished.

The PRC and National Trust have surveyed and photographed each of these buildings, and find no reason for demolishing them. Many are contributing buildings in the historic districts in which they are located.

We also have attempted to contact owners of these buildings to offer our technical assistance in repairing the buildings or our assistance in finding a buyer who would renovate the properties. This has been done by mailing postcards to addresses provided by the City of New Orleans.

In the PRC's target neighborhood of Holy Cross, there are several the PRC's Operation Comeback would acquire and renovate if the owners will sell their buildings to us. For example, we have signed a purchase agreement for 711 Caffin Avenue after its owner contacted us.

Listed below are the addresses we believe should not be demolished (a table with further comments has been e-mailed to FEMA historic preservation specialists): 3309-11 Delachaise St.; 3920-22 Louisiana Ave. Parkway; 4120-22 S. Derbigny St.; 5417 S. Galvez St.; 4119-21 S. Robertson St.; 3219 State Street Dr.; 3400 Vincennes Place; 1222 Kentucky St.; 1233 Louisa St.; 1426 Piety St.; 1920-22 Jackson Ave.; 3400 W. St. Roch Ave.; 2731 Clover St.; 2648-50 Clover St.; 1818 Dumaine St.; 1318 Moss St.; 1624-26 N. Miro St.; 5218 Arts St.; 5311-13 Baccich St.; 5118 Lafaye St.; 5172 Venus St.; 711 Caffin Ave.; 717 Deslonde St.; 1001-03 Gordon St.; 820 Lamanche St.; 5205-07 N. Rampart St.; 714 St. Maurice Ave.; 319 Tricou St.; 533-35 Tricou St.; 4424 D'Hemecourt St.; 211 N. Rendon St.; 130-32 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway; 1711-13 Annette St.; 2626 N. Derbigny St.; 2115-17 N. Prieur St.; 1909-11 Port St.; 1642 Frenchman St.; 1802 Mandeville St.; 5473 Hawthorne Place; 722 Gen. Taylor St.; 2534 Soniat St.; 3701 Willow St.; 2808-10 Upperline St.; 302 Homedale St.; 307 Homedale St.; 5571-73 Rosemary Place

We fail to see why these buildings should be demolished (especially using public money) since they do not present an imminent threat to public health and safety.