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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana-Eligible Properties Listing for Comments"
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Name: Mark Salvadore
City: Metairie, LA
2731 Clover Street, 70122
Comments: Hello, my name is Mark Salvadore. I'm posting this comment in reference to 2731 Clover Street, 70122. I'm hoping these comments will actually be 'reviewed' and my words will help. This whole process is specifically affecting my family and myself in a very negative way.

The former home of my family is located at 2731 Clover Street. The 'property' is owned by my mother. This is my former home as well. I grew up in this house, and definetly can say I had an attachment to it. Given the current state of the house and the lack of help (SBA, FEMA, Insurance) it is time to let this one go.

Currently my mother, little sister, and step-father are living in one of the smaller and more poorly constructed FEMA trailers available. I am fustrated at this and the fact I can do little to help them at this point. My mother has done everything right, and more. If the house was able to be saved I would be over there right now swinging a hammer, instead of typing this comment.

To make it clear. My mothers plans are to have the house demolished; the land leveled; and to put up a modular home in its place. My mother is in the process of negotiating with a contractor to modify the floor plans of a modular home that best reflects the styling of traditional gentilly homes.

So I leave you with these words. Let my family out of that horrible trailer. You're holding them back!