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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Tom Longmire
City: New Orleans, La
Cabini Church 70122
Comments: My parents purchased their house on Crescent St. in 1951, four days before I was 4 years old (I will be 60 in April). This was before Cabrini even existed. Living across the street we all watched the school and "old" church being built. My 85 year old Mom (soon to be 86) was still living there until Katrina.

My family was very involved in the church and school. My Mom volunteered and worked at the rectory for over 30 years. My brother and I were altar boys (and seminarians) who served at the dedication of the "new" church. We attended and were counselors at Cabrini Day Camp for many summers. My brother, sister, and I all attended Cabrini grade school the first year it was opened. My sister graduated from St Joseph High School in the next block. We all have many memories of people and events at Cabrini school and church; all the special teachers, priests, and nuns; baptisms, weddings, graduations, and funerals.

St Frances Cabrini will always have a special place in our hearts but its time to face reality. Cabrini church had very low attendance prior to Katrina, averaging 200-300 at each mass. This is a church that had capacity for 1100. The church couldn't pay its bills prior to Katrina. Let be practical, who is going to pay to rebuild Cabrini and who is going to pay for continued maintenance and utilities?

Katrina changed all of our lives. Many things will change in New Orleans, hopefully for the better. It's time to look to the future. "Saving" Cabrini church will not help the neighborhood or the city, whereas Holy Cross will help to revitalize the area. This is something that's badly needed at this time. My vote is "FOR" Holy Cross (which is not necessarily "AGAINST" Cabrini). God Bless Cabrini's past and Holy Cross' future.

Tom Longmire tpl1@bellsouth.net

P.S. It would nice if Holy Cross would build a small monument in honor of Cabrini on their new campus.