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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Sean Sexton '09
City: NOLA
Comments: I have been going to Holy Cross since the Sixth Grade. I was extremely excited when i heard the news that Holy Cross would be moving to the Redeemer Seton/Cabrini site. If Holy Cross would have chosen kenner or any other site outside of my limit, I would not be attending HC anymore. I could not imagine having to graduate from another school. I have many friends in the same situation as me.
On another note, The archdiocese has already given permission for Holy Cross to buy the property and to start building. The St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church has already been deconsecrated. Even if Holy Cross was to go to another site, the church would not reopen. All of the holy artifacts located inside of the church have been removed. Explain to me how a deconsecrated church with a leaking roof is going to revitalize that part of the city more than a school with over 125 years of tradition and brotherhood.
The St, Frances Xavier Cabrini Church is 43 years old. I dont even understand how this can be a conflict, considering that to be on the national historic register it must be 50 years of age. If it was 50 years old i would understand it alot more.
For all those who say that having a School there would be bad for the revitalization of Gentilly, have you forgotten that there were two schools in that location before katrina. What would be the problem with replacing those schools with a school that has brotherhood like no other school i have seen.
Due to the lack of haste by everyone in this project, there is a great chance that i will spend the rest of my highschool career in the trailors i have been in since the beggining of my highschool career. Even though i will not get to experience the new school first hand, I care because of those who will be experiencing it. Holy Cross is a school of brotherhood, i dont know about you but i wouldnt want my brothers to have to spend there entire School career in trailors.

Sean Sexton '09