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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: David Leland Glasgow
City: New Orleans, Louisiana, Esplanade Ridge
St. Francis Cabrini Church
Comments: Do not give the Catholic Church or any other organization or individual money, grants, or loans to tear down historically significant structures. The law is clear; Its purpose is to prevent distruction of our important built environment just because an entity decides it is incovenient and to encourage desparate parts of our whole national society to act for the general. There are ways to rehabilitate and reuse this building; there are plenty of people who can help the Catholic Church on the design and some have already started for free.

Exclusive boys schools and the Catholic Church should get no special treatment before the law. Its quality modern and if the boy's school wish to destroy it in preference to "disney-esque" buildings to show that their mentality is that of the 19th century, Fema should be legally held to the law. If they wish to tear it down on their own dime; that is another issue. If they want to leave, then let them leave and show that they do not wish to support New Orleans. Holy Cross really should not even get money for abandoning its place in the Ninth Ward. That is area will not benefit from the school moving; so FEMA probably should refuse money on those grounds.

The government of the US has decided that preservation is important and this city has a precious stock of buildings extending into our current century, which are generally agreed to be important. One of point of the HDLC, Vieux Carre, and various neighborhood organizations is to maintain the physical integrety of our city when developers, churchs or any one else put their expedient wishes above the general good of Urban Planning.

As for tourist going to see the church, remember two things: One- Tourist do go and see modern buildings but do not generally head out to see cheap (if it were not cheap the budget for incorporating the church would not be an issue) fake "oldtimey" buildings except a institutions like Disneyland. Two- these laws are to keep the city and built enviroment there for the natives in the city two.

I have driven by this building to look at it pre-storm; It is an inspiration work of Architecture. We loose a lot more than one building when we pay organizations to come back at the expense of what we were, are and will be.