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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: GiGi Gaubert Burk
City: Parishioner
Cabrini Church
Comments: My father, the late Lloyd F. Gaubert, who's home sits at the end of Prentiss on Bancroft, was one of the main, if not the main contributor, to the construction and maintenance of Cabrini Church. He was always so disturbed that after giving so much of his hard earned money to building the church, the design was so contrary to his traditional cathedral concept of what a church should be. Although we were all baptized and attended Mass there as we were raised, my father would always make the comment how hollow and cold the church was and how he missed St. Joseph Cathedral in Thibodaux, where he was raised.
After we all graduated from St. Frances Cabrini, my family only occasionally, out of convenience of Mass times, attended Cabrini Church. I personally attended Mass shortly before it flooded. There were at most 20 parishioners at Mass as was the case nearly every time I attended Mass there. If the parishioners were not attending and supporting the Church before the storm, then who will be supporting the Church if it is renovated. My father was constantly called for contributions. After the storm but before his untimely death, my father stated "maybe we can finally build a church that the parish will like to attend" and "one good thing that may come out of the storm is the demolition of that ugly thing". By the way, my father was also a major contributor to PRC and the National Preservationist. He did not believe in throwing things away. He donated our family home on Mendez to the Cabrini Church nuns. He donated the bleachers in the school yard. There were not many that followed his lead in contributions to our parish.
So you save the church, who is going to pay for the costly maintenance and how depressing to see a renovated EMPTY church! The few large events held there did not support that building's cost.
I am hoping to rebuild my home that flooded on Bancroft but I am waiting for the outcome on this issue. It is vital to have the support for the building after it is constructed. Holy Cross will support the church they are asking to build. There investment in my neighborhood is warmly welcomed. I do hope they will build a traditional Catholic Church that so many have longed for. I also hope that it will maintain itself through the entire support of the parish, not just the support of a few.
I beg those who are preservationist to use their energy and money towards projects that will restore buildings that will help revive communities rather than kill all hope. I do feel that if Holy Cross moves to another site we will be doomed. Our parish is banking on Holy Cross. There is nothing else happening in our neighborhood. Please do not put the nail on our coffin!!! I want to rebuild my home in Cabrini Parish.