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Comment on "Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments "
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Name: Henri André Fourroux III
City: New Orleans
Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of the St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church, 5500 Paris Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana with linked PDF attachments
Comments: Many are saying people should come first, but which: wealthier middle class or all regardless of gender, religion, affluence and academic ability.

I take issue with others' comments on the town hall meeting of St. Frances Cabrini parishioners, which occurred in July 2006; it was not made known until the some 200 parishioners had arrived at the church for the meeting that a vote would occur; the understanding is that it would be merely a discussion only. I did not vote as I had to leave to attend mass elsewhere so the vote that day is not unanimous. Indeed, we were told by Holy Cross that they had one offer on the table not open to discussion and to be voted for or against. Also noteworthy, in previous meetings with the Archdiocese, Holy Cross representatives said they did not want to see Cabrini Parish suppressed (closed).

There has been no true plan put forward by any entity as to where the church parish of St. Frances Cabrini should meet on a regular basis until a new building is built on new property. Indeed, neither Holy Cross nor the Archdiocese has said anything on that matter. There have been no proposals to buy land in the area or no architectural plans solicited or submitted for a new church building. The Archbishop has said that Cabrini Parish shall continue, but has shown nothing in how that will happen and by what means. Holy Cross has said it does not want to see the church parish cease and end, but when asked at an Oak Park Civic Improvement meeting how could Holy Cross assist in helping the parish continue, Mr. DiGrange replied that Holy Cross has nothing to do with church parishes and that is for the Archdiocese to decide. It appears that the Archdiocese's inaction is neglect of the well being of Cabrini Parish and that Holy Cross' and Mr. DiGrange's current silence on the issue is disingenuous and a cop-out since it is the entity that has the most to gain and the most influence to bear upon the Archdiocese and once said it doesn't want to see the parish close, yet now has little to say.

So this small group that has filed this appeal to preserve a church building is using this means to draw attention to the neglect of the Archdiocese and the summarily dismissing silence of Holy Cross towards the parishioners of Cabrini Parish; apparently the two bigger parties getting what they want therefore the smaller thereby not necessarily getting basic questions attended to. It is not the government's place to adjudicate in matters of sectarian religion, but it is clear that the more esteemed and wealthier members of this large body of the Catholic religion are by omission forgetting the lesser members of their community and the two more powerful groups need to answer the questions on how to practically respond to Cabrini Parish's needs if/when the building comes down. IT IS NOT SATISFACTORY OR REASONABLE TO EXPECT THAT JUST BECAUSE THE ARCHDIOCESE SAYS IT WILL NOT SUPPRESS THE PARISH AND THAT HOLY CROSS SAYS IT DOESN'T WANT THE PARISH SUPPRESSED THAT THE OUTCOME WILL MIRROR THE VERBAL ASSURANCES. The Archdiocese and Holy Cross have signed contracts that bind them to respect their commerce; those two groups should include language that makes guarantees in their contracts that addresses the needs of Cabrini Parish.

The building may very well come down as the right course of action, but the basic concerns underlying the preservation movement need to be put on the table. Also, I'm distressed to see all this discussion over a private school where Gentilly needs even more importantly public schools for all children regardless of gender, religion, affluence and academic ability.

Personally, I see too much neglect on the part of the teachings of the Archdiocese: it still is a dogmatic institution that operates as an institution of sexism towards women , that still adheres to old psychiatric thinking that gays and lesbians are mentally disordered even though In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association's Board of Trustees removed homosexuality from its official diagnostic manual, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Second Edition (DSM II) and that refuses to make statements and take stands on issues regarding social justice. Holy Cross does not teach either sexism or archaic and obsolete notions on sexual orientation yet does teach on matters of Catholic Social Justice as exemplified in the life of Dorothy Day. I'd much rather Holy Cross in my neighborhood than some version of a church parish that wishes to turn the clock back to before Vatican II.