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Historic Name: Spanish Town
Other Names:
Address: Starting at the northwestern corner of the district at the corner of north Fifth Street and State Capitol Drive, proceeding east along State Capitol Drive and continuing to a point near the southeastern shore of the lagoon area of the Capitol Lake for 1,461 feet to North Ninth Street, proceeding south along North Ninth Street for 1,452 feet to where North Ninth Street intersects with North Street, proceeding west along North Street for 1,476 feet to where North Street intersects North Fifth Street, proceeding north along North Fifth Street for 1,477 feet to the point of beginning at the corner of North Fifth Street and State Capitol Drive.
City: Baton Rouge
Parish: East Baton Rouge
State: LA
Zipcode: 70802
Status: National Register
Date Placed on National Register: 8/31/1978
Level of Significance: Local
Area of Significance: Architecture
Property Type: Historic District
Architectural Style: Multiple Styles
Theme: Anglo-American Architecture
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