François Fleischbein

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François Jacques Fleischbein

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German, 1801-1868

Better known as François in the U.S., Franz was born in Godramstein, Bavaria. Although often confused with a naïve artist, he was academically trained, having studied with Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson (1767-1824) at the École des beaux-arts in Paris. In 1833, Fleischbein immigrated to New Orleans with his wife, Marie Louise Tetu (1802-1895), and four children. He remained in Louisiana until his death. Jean Joseph Vaudechamp (1790 - 1866) first encouraged Fleischbein to visit.

Fleischbein style fused French neoclassicism with German Biedermeier emphasis on pattern. As result, his paintings appear mannered, with schematic drawing, suppressed transitions of light and shade, and odd anatomical distortions. Patrons appreciated his paintings, and Fleischbein advertized that the "greatest correctness of drawing and painting is guaranteed, as well as the likeness of Portraits."

George David Coulon (1823 - 1904) studied painting briefly with Fleischbein about 1837. In addition to portraits, Fleischbein painted genre, mythological, religious, and historical paintings. He was listed as a purveyor of daguerreotypes and ambrotypes shortly before his death on November 16, 1868


Children of Comte Louis Amedée de Barjac - François Fleischbein
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Children of Comte Louis Amedée de Barjac
François Fleischbein
Oil on canvas, 35 3/4 x 29 inches
Louisiana State Museum, Gift of Gift of Mrs. Zuma Salaun, 09461

The two little girls in the painting, Laure and Celine, were the daughters of Louis Amedée DeBarjac, a New Orleans commission merchant. The infant was their cousin, Aristée Louis Tissot. Fleischbein painted the elegantly dressed children in an intimate setting around the piano.


William Schmidt, Son of Peter Schmidt - François Fleischbein
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William Schmidt, Son of Peter Schmidt
Attributed to François Fleischbein, 1801 - 1868
c. 1855
Oil on canvas, 35 ¾ x 27 ½ inches
Louisiana State Museum, XX1331