Evening gownsEvening gown (left)
Paul Poiret
ca. 1929

This gown was worn to the donor's wedding by her mother-in-law and is an example of the lower hemlines worn by the end of the 1920s. Although the innovative designer Paul Poiret was struggling to keep his Paris couture house open by this time, one of his great contributions to women's fashions-the elimination of the corset-is in full view in this lightweight and almost shapeless gown.

Gift of Mrs. Sidney J. Besthoff, Jr.
Worn by Mrs. Sidney J. Besthoff, Sr., née Florence Stich

LSM #1982.131.13

Evening gown (right)
Unknown maker
ca. 1919

Following World War I, gowns became shorter, revealing ankles as well as elegant shoes and stockings. This length was appropriate for various evening events, even the most formal balls. Décolleté designs were no longer fashionable.

Gift of Mrs. Ethel Lindsey

LSM #1961.014.2