Debutante gownDebutante gown (left)
Unknown maker

Backless gowns, made popular by Hollywood films, were the height of fashion in the mid-1930s. They were particularly favored by those who participated in the new sunbathing trend. The donor, née Nancy Reeves, wore this gown when she was presented as a Maid of Honor in the court of the Krewe of Athenians.

Gift of Mrs. William B. Dreux, née Nancy Reeves
Worn by the donor

LSM #1983.007.1a-c

Debutante gown (right)
Philip Hulitar

The donor's daughter wore this gown when she was presented as a "subdeb" at the Krewe of Apollo ball in 1959 and again two years later when she made her formal debut at the Pickwick Club in 1961. She was so fond of the style that she had it copied for her wedding dress.

The shaped waist and voluminous skirt supported by stiffened petticoats continued to be popular through the beginning of the 1960s.

Gift of Mrs. George W. Mayer
Worn by Susan Mayer, the donor's daughter

LSM #1966.024.19g