• Locust Grove Cemetery

    Locust Grove Cemetery, on the grounds of a former plantation owned by Jefferson Davis’ sister

  • Grave of Sarah Knox Davis

    The grave of Sarah Knox Davis, wife of Jefferson Davis, who died at the age of 21

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Locust Grove Syaye Historic Site sign

The cemeteries of Louisiana are a significant part of the state's history. They tell the story of those who laid the foundation for Louisiana as it exists today. A visit to Locust Grove State Historic Site provides an illustration of the small family cemeteries which were a part of most plantations. Several generations of family members are buried here. Strolling through the historic graves encourages reflection on the courage, determination and dedication of the early settlers in Louisiana. ↓ show more

The small site at Locust Grove, with only 27 plots, represents an era in Louisiana's romantic history. The cemetery is all that remains of what was once Locust Grove Plantation, owned by the family of Jefferson Davis' sister, Anna E. Davis Smith. In the summer of 1835, the future Confederate president brought Sarah Knox Taylor Davis, his wife of only three months, to the plantation for a visit. Both contracted malaria, and Mrs. Davis, the daughter of General Zachary Taylor, died at the age of 21. Her grave is situated among those of the other Davis family members.

Several times a year, special events and programs take place at Locust Grove, such as grave-rubbing demonstrations and instruction, sure to be enjoyed by genealogists and preservationists.

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