Louisiana State Museum
The Louisiana State Museum is a statewide network of National Historic Landmarks and modern structures housing art and artifacts relative to Louisiana history and culture. Sites are located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Natchitoches, Patterson and Thibodaux.

Poverty Point - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Poverty Point, a Louisiana Office of State Parks property, is an ancient Native American earthworks site that was created about 3,400 years ago in northeast Louisiana. The largest and the most elaborate of its time in North America, the site was recently named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations’ Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

African American Heritage Trail
Louisiana's African American Heritage Trail is a collection of sites statewide showcasing the contributions of African Americans to history and culture, the arts and literature, and food and music for both Louisiana and all of America.

Plantations Historic Homes and Gardens
Antebellum plantation mansions, notable historic homes and lush botanical sites are among Louisiana's most popular stops for travelers. Here is a brief history and links for all sites open to the public in Louisiana.

Civil War Sites in Louisiana
Louisiana played a key role in the War Between the States in the 1800s. Here is a list of significant sites statewide that are accessible to the public.