Louisiana weather and dress

Spring and fall might require long pants, a sweater or a light rain-repellent jacket. Temperatures are very moderate with days of full sunshine and occasional frontal passage rain. Due to Louisiana’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, frontal passages still allow daytime highs of 50 to 70 degrees.

Summer (July, August and September): Quite warm with daytime highs in the upper 90s and nighttime lows in the upper 60s. Cotton shorts, short-sleeve shirts or sundresses are recommended. Indoor attractions, restaurants and overnight providers statewide are air-conditioned.

Winter (December, January and February): Colder, but only a parka-style coat will be needed on the coldest of afternoons. Average afternoon highs are 55 to 60 with near freezing temperatures in the early mornings. Frontal passage rain usually lasts less than 24 hours.