In this media kit you will find resources to help you cover your Louisiana writing assignment or give you ideas for new stories. At the Office of the Lt. Governor and the Louisiana Office of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, we are happy to help print, broadcast and electronic journalists develop articles and features about Louisiana. The Office of the Lt. Governor is the primary contact for news media, and the Louisiana Office of Tourism’s Communications Office is the primary contact for trade media and journalists.

Resources available to the media include itinerary development, high-resolution photos, visitation statistics and a comprehensive media kit. You also can track the latest Louisiana tourism developments by viewing our What’s New submissions from Louisiana stakeholder hotels, restaurants and attractions. We are always available to help by phone or email.


As you plan your visit to Louisiana, we can assist you with the following services: 

  • arranging interviews with the lieutenant governor, head of Louisiana tourism;
  • establishing media credentials;
  • planning and arranging itineraries;
  • providing introductions and coordinating arrangements with local convention and visitors bureaus;
  • assisting in story development and research;
  • providing photography;
  • fact-checking pieces prior to publication or broadcast; and
  • providing field assistance for groups or individuals with special needs or circumstances.

The primary contact to assist you is Charlie Whinham, public information officer, Louisiana Office of Tourism ( or 225-342-7454).

If you are planning to visit Louisiana on an independent press research trip, you will need to provide the following items:

  • information about yourself and the publication/broadcast outlet you represent to establish your credentials and help coordinate your needs with convention and visitor bureaus, attractions, hotels and restaurants;

  • at least four weeks between the time of inquiry and your planned arrival in Louisiana for field research;

  • information about the purpose of your visit, your publication or broadcast outlet’s demographics, circulation/audience and tentative date of publication/broadcast;

  • a letter of assignment from your publication or broadcasting company (very useful as we make arrangements on your behalf with hotels, restaurants and attractions);

  • recent copies of published articles or tapes (required only in the case of freelance work);

  • a copy of any articles or programs generated as a result of your visit hosted by the state of Louisiana and its partners.

Credentials:  LOT will review all domestic and international media inquiries to establish credentials and determine credibility, potential publicity value and the appropriate course of action for LOT’s Communications Section and applicable CVBs.

Letters of Introduction (upon request):  LOT can provide credentialed media with a formal letter of introduction when traveling within the state without an escort from LOT or the local CVB.

Air and Ground Transportation Assistance:  LOT does not cover plane tickets for individual journalists or outlets. It is the responsibility of the individual/publication to make arrangements for transportation to and from Louisiana. LOT does not provide rental cars for transportation within Louisiana. It is at the discretion of local CVBs to provide this assistance.

Itinerary Preparation:  If you are traveling within an area represented by a CVB, your itinerary should be drafted and implemented at the discretion of that CVB. If you are traveling within multiple areas, LOT will draft your itinerary and supply it to the applicable CVBs. Any changes to the initial draft itinerary are at the discretion of the CVBs.

LOT’s itinerary services can include setting up assistance from overnight providers, restaurants and attractions that are open to tourists. LOT and its partners will not provide assistance for field research involving locations or establishments that are not readily accessible to travelers.

Ground Assistance: It is at the discretion of local CVBs to provide any complimentary or discounted overnights, meals, rental vehicles, field escorts and/or admission to attractions.

Field Escorts: It is at the discretion of local CVBs to provide this assistance. LOT cannot provide field escorts for domestic journalists.

Traveling Companions: It is customary that journalists and broadcast crews assume any costs for parties who are traveling in a capacity not directly tied to a press research project.

Domestic Media: LOT will refer credentialed domestic media to applicable CVBs and offer recommendations on a level of assistance. At that point, assistance is at the discretion of applicable CVBs and tourist commissions.

International Media:  For inquiries from LOT’s contracted foreign representatives in the UK, France, Germany and Canada, LOT can provide transportation/field escort service if requested by the journalist/outlet. Itineraries will be drafted and implemented by the CVBs and tourist commissions representing the area to be visited.

International media inquiries that do not originate from LOT’s contracted foreign representatives will be referred to applicable CVBs once credentials have been successfully established. Those CVBs will then provide assistance at their own discretion.