The Louisiana Office of Tourism is an agency within the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. The Communications and Research Section in the Office of Tourism is the primary contact for journalists and media.

Services include:

  • Establishing media credentials;
  • Planning and arranging itineraries;
  • Providing introductions and coordinating arrangements with local convention and visitors bureaus;
  • Assisting in story development and research;
  • Providing photography;
  • Fact-checking pieces prior to publication or broadcast; and,
  • Providing field assistance for groups or individuals with special needs or circumstances.

If you are planning to visit Louisiana, we will need information about you to establish your credentials and help coordinate your needs with visitor bureaus, attractions, hotels and restaurants. A letter of assignment from your publication or broadcasting company is very useful as we make arrangements on your behalf with hotels, restaurants and attractions. Recent copies of published articles or tapes are required in the case of freelance work.

Transportation to Louisiana is the responsibility of individual journalists. Ground transportation and escort within Louisiana can sometimes be provided, depending on circumstances. Discounted “media rates” are available from some rental car companies. We work with local visitor bureaus to satisfy needs for transportation, as well as overnight accommodations, entry to attractions and story development. We do everything we can to make your job and your visit as pleasant as possible.

You will be best served if you allow time for our office and our allies within the Louisiana travel industry to adequately prepare for your visit. In areas such as requests for photography, we ask for advance notice if possible. What you need may not be on hand in some cases, and extra time to research and locate the photography you request may be required.