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Here are some entries related to common travel media storylines:


Gumbo for the Ears: Louisiana Music

At the turn of the 19th Century, Louisiana was the most diverse immigration hub in North America. People from Europe, Africa and the Caribbean flocked to the colony, mixing heritage and cultures and forming what would become Louisiana‘s own unique story. Nowhere is this more evident than in the music of Louisiana – it is one of the few American states that can boast indigenous, popular music genres like jazz, Cajun and zydeco. While jazz is the heartbeat of New Orleans, Cajun and zydeco are the theme songs of southwest Louisiana, the region called Acadiana, and the dance halls and farm houses that dot the state‘s swamps and coastal prairies. In addition to indigenous music, Louisiana also played crucial roles in the creation and evolution of American rhythm and blues, country and rock ‘n’ roll music.

Louisiana Soundtrack.com explores five distinct Louisiana music genres. It offers descriptions and samples of the music, biographies of notable performers, comprehensive listings of music festivals and venues, and even a Play List section where fans can create music-themed Louisiana travel itineraries based on their musical tastes.


Mardi Gras: More than a New Orleans Tradition

When most people hear “Mardi Gras,” they think of New Orleans. Riders on massive and ornate, throw beads and trinkets to tens of thousands of revelers as they let hair down and party in The Big Easy. Many don‘t know, however, that Mardi Gras is a true statewide party—one would be hard pressed to find a Louisiana city or town that does not have a Mardi Gras celebration. In Shreveport, for example, several Mardi Gras krewes—the social clubs that organize the fun—offer parades that cater to families with children. Parades in Lafayette and Houma cater to both kids and grown-ups. In Cajun Country towns like Eunice, Mamou and Church Point, the Courir de Mardi Gras, or “Mardi Gras run,” is a trail ride of costumed locals going from farm house to farm house collecting ingredients to make a massive communal gumbo.



Bountiful waters: Fishing in Louisiana

It‘s only natural that a state with endless miles and square miles of lakes, rivers, bayous and the Gulf of Mexico coast would be a mecca for fishermen from around the world. Whether its charter fishing in the Gulf, inland saltwater marsh fishing or freshwater fishing farther north, anglers worldwide flock to the state known as Sportsman‘s Paradise for trophy-class fish and the Louisiana experience that surrounds the rich waterways. Gulf Coast towns like Venice, Cocodrie, Grand Isle, Port Fourchon and Cameron are among the ideal launch points for a saltwater adventure. The central and northern regions offer bass fishing adventures at locations ranging from the massive Toledo Bend Reservoir (the largest man-made lake in the American South) to prevalent waterways that are homes to Louisiana state parks.



Louisiana by Pedals and Paddles

Louisiana offers numerous outdoor adventures, but one of the best ways to explore the state is to experience it by bike or by canoe. The state‘s distinct topography of rolling hills and valleys, especially in the northern and central regions, provide excellent open road cycling and challenging off-road biking in locations like Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston and the numerous districts of Louisiana‘s Kisatchie National Forest. The state‘s plentiful swamp and marsh acreage and miles of slow-to-moderate-moving bayous and small rivers have made for great canoeing, piroguing and kayaking, and many areas have marked formal paddling trails.



Film Production Boom in Louisiana

In recent years, Louisiana has become one of the fastest growing film production states in the country. Since 2006, our state has hosted more than 300 film and television productions—major and independent features, TV series, documentaries and more. Thanks to generous film tax incentives created in 2002, “Hollywood South,” as Louisiana has been dubbed, is now in the leagues of film state heavyweights like California and New York. No matter where you shoot, you‘ll experience Louisiana‘s legendary culture and the inimitable joie de vivre of our fun-loving, supportive citizens.