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 Louisiana State University - Student Union (Baton Rouge - 2018)
Novella, JuanjoThe HugJuanjo Novella The Hug


UMC Medical Center (New Orleans - 2018)
Donovan, Simon and Olmstead, BenWe Stand on the Shoulders of Those Who Came Before UsSimon Donovan We Stand On The Shoulders
Emery, LinQuinteUniversity Medical Center - Lin Emery - Quinte


Capitol Park Museum (Baton Rouge - 2015)
Albrizio, ConradHealth and HappinessConrad Albrizio - Health and Happiness Mosaic


Louisiana State University Eunice (Eunice - 2015)
Simonis, ObieThe Skys the LimitLSU Eunice - Obie Simonis - The Skys the Limit


University Medical Center (New Orleans - 2015)
Chihuly, DaleCrystal Blue and Amber TowerChihuly - Crystal Blue and Amber Tower
King, RayRiver SpiritRay King - River Spirit


Pennington Biomedical Research Center - Imaging Center (Baton Rouge - 2015)
Gould, PhilipPlaquemine Ferry Sunset
Porcari, LaurelDivide 1, Divide 2, and Totem 3
Sonnier, KeithGrosse Tete
Vella, JamesAmp, Pulse, and Flux


Pennington Biomedical Research Center - New Clinical Research Building (Baton Rouge - 2015)
Blacklock, KateBlue Hydrangea
Blacklock, KateEpiphyllum
Blacklock, KateEpiphyllum 2
Blacklock, KateEpiphyllum 4
Blacklock, KateJaponaise
Blacklock, KateJaponaise 2
Dixon, AmyCotton Fields 2
Frederick, RigsbyHeron
Frederick, RigsbyTurning Mandala
Gould, PhilipParlange Oak
Hackney, JillEcho 28
Lusk, DedeLeek
Lusk, DedePear
Lusk, DedeSplit Pod
Pramuk, EdInterlock II
Solitario, BillieOx Bow on the Mississippi
Wilson, SteveYou Are What You Consume, and What's Consuming You


Pennington Biomedical Research Center - Pediatric Clinic (Baton Rouge - 2014)
Bourgoyne, BradFishie DNA Swimmin All Around
Corso, SamAnonymous Dancing 2
Corso, SamAnonymous Dancing 29
Corso, SamAnonymous Dancing 34
Kennedy, DougCircle Theory 1
Kennedy, DougCircle Theory 2
Mueller, KellyPropogation
Reilly, WinifredHosanna Banana Tropicana


Southeastern Louisiana University - Health and Kinesiology Bldg. (Hammond - 2014)
Whiting, RussellTrilogy


McNeese State University - Jack Doland Field House (Lake Charles - 2013)
McCain, BuckThe Cowboy


LSU Business Education Complex (Baton Rouge - 2012)
Emery, LinLyric Lin Emery - Lyric
Gunning, SimonSunrise at the Rookery
Pavy, FrancisLouisiana Wetlands


LSU Blake Hall (Baton Rouge - 2011)
Bishop, JacquelineSonatina
Blum, HarrietLive Oak with Fern and Moss
Blum, HarrietPark with Oaks
Blum, HarrietTwisted Live Oak
Cozic, ChristineCurrent
Fitzgerald, RhettArrakis
Fitzgerald, RhettCurrent
Hackney, JillRed Onions
Hackney, JillYellow Pears
Harris, RonnaArtist Altar
Koss, GeneSilo Blocks
Solitario, BillieFour Shells


LSU West Laville Hall (Baton Rouge - 2011)
Allessandrini, FrancoJazz Alto Relief
Corso, SamSunrise Over Calcasieu 2
Corso, SamSunrise Over Calcasieu 10
Cozic, ChristineVines
Dautreuil, LindaBreakaway
Dedeaux, DawnDistress Flag 2
Dedeaux, DawnDistress Flag 3


LSU Music and Dramatic Arts Building (Baton Rouge - 2010)
Porcari, LaurelFlow


LSU University Recreation (Baton Rouge- 2009)
Fitzgerald, RhettKuma
Fitzgerald, RhettRastaban
Fitzgerald, RhettStarburst
Fitzgerald, RhettTyl
Fitzgerald, RhettTotemic Echos


Southeastern Louisiana University Teacher Education Center (Hammond - 2008)
Kline, SteveSteps on Floating Water


LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building (Baton Rouge - 2008)
Sanborn, JimRadiance


LaSalle Building (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Gardner, SteveLouisiana Iris
Gardner, SteveSouthern Magnolia


LSU Residential College One (Baton Rouge - 2007)
Nagase, MasayukiGrowth and Continuity


Fire Marshal Building (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Replansky, AlbertoUntitled


Lake D'Arbonne State Park (Farmerville - 2006)
Sayre, ThomasUntitled


LaSalle Building Cafe (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Taylor, RichardRiviere du Soleil


Capitol Park Museum (Baton Rouge - 2006)
Tylevich, AlexanderRiver of Memory


Claiborne Building (Baton Rouge - 2005)
Birch, WillieGrand Marshals
Bishop, JacquelineSilhouette
Blum, HarrietBeginnings…Part II
Chism, SandyFlow
Corso, SamClaiborne Building Stained Glass Commission
Crespo, MichaelGates of Dawn
Crespo, MichaelCarvaggio's Tomb
DaGradi, JoanHot Peppers 2
Eggart, Mary LeeFrom a Bestiary: The Rat
Eggart, Mary LeeFrom a Bestiary: Possum
Eggart, Mary LeeFrom a Bestiary: Mole
Eggart, Mary LeeFrom a Bestiary: Shrew
Elliott-Smith, Michael The Wind
Elliott-Smith, Michael Lecompte
Gaudet, Mitchell20 Tablets
Gilbert, JanOffering #1
Gilbert, JanOffering #2
Girouard, TinaBound
Gourlay, Sheila ScottArtist Space
Hardy, MicheleCircles #15
Hardy, MicheleCircles #16
Hardy, MicheleCircles #17
Harris, RonnaMagnolias Through the Window
Harris, RonnaMorning Light
Hathorn, JohnSuspension in Black
Johnson, LibbyJuly
Johnson, LibbyInterlude II
Jungman, CamillePortrait of Mr. Craig Cherry
Jungman, CamillePortrait of Miss Mary Evans
Jungman, CamillePortrait of Mr. Joe Moser
Kalish, HowardOne Plant, Many Flowers
Kennedy, KevinWorry
Kennedy, KevinPretend
Kennedy, KevinHarvest
Koss, GeneSculpture on the Ridge
Linde, JoyceBoats like Turtles
McMillin, CraigLarge Bowl
McMillin, CraigLarge Platter
Neff, ThomasMary George + Ethel, Louisiana 1986
Neff, ThomasMary George + Ethel, Louisiana 1995
Neff, ThomasFishermen, Bayou Manchac + Ascension Parish, Louisiana 1995
Ruello, RobertF-Church 13
Schafer, GlindaPosted Pond
Smith, EdCypress
Staub, LeslieSnowy Egret
Staub, LeslieLouisiana Iris
Stewart, AllisonThe Branch 1
Stewart, AllisonThe Branch 2
Trapolin, KathleenRed Beads
Vartanian, HasmigDoon
Walton, SharonPortal
Zietz, JimHouse and Pigeoneer
Zietz, JimChicken Coop
Zietz, JimMeeker Sugar Mill and Refinery


Baton Rouge Community College (Baton Rouge - 2004)
Cain, MichaelReach
Gerson, AlanThe Levee
Warrens, RobertLouisiana, A Bit of History
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