Louisiana Division of the Arts Strategic Plan Federal FY2021-FY2023

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The Louisiana Division of the Arts is developing a new strategic plan for federal FY2021-2023. This plan incorporates and amplifies the needs and ideas of Louisiana’s arts community, and will develop strategies for LDOA to address these needs and provide services to enhance the ongoing development and evolution of the state’s creative sector. The plan will be reviewed by the Louisiana State Arts Council and the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Once ratified in January 2020, after the public commentary period has concluded, the plan will be hosted on LDOA’s website and promoted through social media.

The development of this strategic plan was completed in three stages:

  • Meetings hosted by Regional Arts Councils with arts organizations, artists, community leaders, educational groups, local governments and businesses in six locations around the state in early 2020: New Orleans, Monroe, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Houma.
  • A statewide survey of arts and culture stakeholders, distributed spring 2020.
  • A COVID-19 survey was distributed statewide to understand the current and future impacts on the cultural economy, April-May 2020.

 LDOA Strategic Plan

Public input and commentary was submitted from November 18-December 18th, 2020. The Louisiana State Arts Council and the Lt. Governor ratified and approved the plan January 2021. If you’d like to stay up to date on the Louisiana Division of the Arts and our strategic plan progress, please email arts@crt.la.gov.

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Mission: The Louisiana Division of the Arts (LDOA) in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council (LSAC) is the catalyst for participation, education, development and promotion of excellence in the arts.

Vision: It is the responsibility of LDOA to support established arts institutions, nurture both emerging arts organizations and our overall cultural economy, assist individual artists, encourage the expansion of audiences and stimulate public participation in the arts in Louisiana.

Core Values: The arts are an essential and unique aspect of life in Louisiana to which each citizen has a right. Access to the arts should not depend on your geographical location, physical abilities, or income. All residents should have an equitable stake in the arts in Louisiana, which provide a wonderful quality of life and add to our rich cultural heritage.

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